Cliff Stanton for Council
Democrat CLIFF STANTON for New York City Council / District 11


Photo credit: Luis Pons

Cliff Stanton is a leader in the public and private sectors who has long focused on the economic and social development of our community and the city at large

Cliff Stanton is a son of The Bronx. Raised on Sedgwick Avenue, he attended P.S. 95, JHS 143, and Bronx High School of Science. Stanton studied Political Science and Finance at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), earning a B.B.A.

After graduation, Stanton worked as a middle market loan analyst for Comerica Bank in Detroit. Shortly after returning to New York, he started what would become a successful wholesale food business. He became a leader and spokesperson for the Big Apple Food Vendors Association in its battle against successive efforts by City Hall to curtail street vending in New York City.

Stanton has since been dedicated to the intersecting fields of business, politics, and community activism. He has developed innovative solutions to local educational, environmental, and safety challenges, and has partnered with other community leaders to address the commercial and cultural growth of the Northwest Bronx.

"Cliff Stanton stands opposed to the political powers that be in his home borough. And yet he had the chutzpah to register with the Board of Elections…in hopes of becoming one by running for City Council in 2013…. Good for him."

Editorial, Cheering for Choices,
Riverdale Press, Jan 25, 2012